Fort Collins Sertoma Club

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Fort Collins, CO 80525

Minutes (Approved) from October 11, 2011

Minutes by Jim Norrgard

Present: Ron Young, Tim Miller, Josh Benedict, Jim Bernecker, Mike Thorsrud, Dave Blomberg, Bob Kopplin, Paul Reed, Shawn Dunnigan, Gary Ross, and Jim Norrgard.

Young called the meeting to order at 5:50 p.m. at the Soukup and Bush Building, located at 2023 Caribou drive, Fort Collins. Again a big thanks to Dunnigan for making arrangements to use the board room.

M/S Bernecker/Thorsrud to accept the minutes of September 13th board meeting. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: A copy of the Statement of “Cash Position” was distributed to members showing an update status of club accounts. We appear to still owe our catering service for one month. The proceeds from beer money tips collected from September needs to be deposited which will raise the amount in our “sponsorship” account and John Knezovich should be receiving payment from Ovations who is in charge of this year’s concessions. M/S Kopplin/Benedict to accept the financial report. Passed unanimously.

Old Business:

1.       Liaison website conference –Blomberg informed us that the conference was being held at the same time as our meeting, so chose to be with us. He hopes to find out what took place from SertomaHq.

2.       North College “Flags” – Both Young and Lautzenheiser are in contact with city personnel as to the displaying of the flags as there will be a city resolution forthcoming.

3.       Sertoma Shirts – four people have signed up to obtain new shirts as of this date per Don Shannon.

New Business:

1.       Request from community for support:  The Foundation to Aging Emergency For Seniors asked for financial support. Due to the uncertainty as to what the funds would be used for and clarification it was felt that our primary objective for Sertoma was to support the youth programs in need.  Young was asked to inform them of the board’s decision; however, should they need assistance with manpower such as a fix-up then we might consider this.

2.       The “Explosion” a fast girls softball team submitted a request for financial aid. M/S Blomberg/Ross to provide the club with $500.00. Passed unanimously.  A second M/S Kopplin/Ross to send an additional $500.00 at a later date if this would give additional support to girls needing extra help.

3.       Loss of Sertoma member Bob Reed who died on October 3, 2011. All agreed that the amount of $200.00 should be sent from the President’s fund as a memorial to his family. M/S Blomberg/Thorsrud. Passed unanimously. It was also indicated that we should work closely with Randy Beaver and the Reed family in giving our annual support to the youth Christmas gifts for youth as done in the past years.

Committee Reports:

  Communications – Thorsrud indicated he had nothing at this time and would put out a news letter sometime after he had finished his move of his coffee shop from the mall.

  Membership – Benedict submitted the application for Bill Green to be re-accepted into the club since his return to Fort Collins. M/S Ross/Blomberg to accept. Passed unanimously.

  Projects – Bernecker read the total hours volunteered by our club for the last quarter which was 757. A great job done!

Meeting to adjourn at 6:47 p.m. M/S Miller/Thorsrud. Passed unanimously.

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