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Minutes (Approved 4/12/2011) from March 8, 2011

Minutes by Jim Norrgard

Present: Ron Young, Rob Allerheilegen, Bob Kopplin, Jim Manning, Josh Benedict, ReuelRolston, Mike Thorsrud, Steve Smith, Nathan Weinland, Mike Tarantino, Tim Miller, Jim Bernecker and Jim Norrgard.

Ron Young called the meeting to order at 5:40 p.m. at the RE/MAX Alliance Conference Room, 4703 Boardwalk Drive, Fort Collins.

M/S Thorsrud/Bernecker to accept the minutes of the February 8th board meeting.  Passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:Kopplin/Miller provided those present with a simplified “Statement  of Cash Position” as of March 8, 2011, which showed Operating, Sponsorship, Presidential, and Foundation Funds. The other sheet provided was the club’s A/R Aging Summary report.  The majority of members paid their quarterly statement early or on time which really helped the club with its cash flow.  New quarterly statements will be distributed before April 1st with the hope that the members will do the same again in making payment.  A follow up will be sent by E-mail as a reminder to those lagging behind.  Kopplin indicated that more work is being done to make the accounting program more user  friendly  which will help provide the necessary data needed our operation.  The 2ndamount  of $750.00 (final payment) for  the PASS  program was sent to Randy Beaver.  M/S Smith/Bernecker  to approve the treasurer report.  Passed unanimously.

Funding Requests:  We have received 2 verbal requests:

                Project Smile, Ron Lautzenheiser, for $1800 (same as last year) -$1500. Per Feb 10th 2010.

                Fort Collins Youth Baseball, Bill Benton, for $1000 (same as last year) - $500.Paid Jan 13th 2010.

Kopplin indicated he would see what payments had been made in 2010 and then let the board know so a decision could be made. Recommended that we pay Project Smiles $1500.00, and Fort Collins Youth Baseball $500.00 now and then pay an additional $500.00 after more is collected into the Sponsorship fund.

                M/S Allerheilegen/Thorsrud  to approve request and make payments  according to what was given last year.Passed unanimously.

Old Business:

  Golf tournament from last year  - attempting to collect funds due that were paid by credit card. Tarantino indicated that he hoped  topickup some of payments due, but was not able to tell when.

  Flags for 2011 Update by Manning:  A invoice mailing needs to be sent  out  to all participants for collection. Young to contact Dusek to see if he would like assistance in getting the billing out as these funds are important to the club’s sponsorships. The North College Flags (installing new brackets) is on hold until the sidewalk construction has been completed.   A decision needs to be reached as to number of days that Flags will be displayed for this area.


  Oktoberfest for 2011: Date maybe in conflict with Ram Football dates, also Downtown Association may not want to share their earnings since a profit was made last year.  Stoner will be able to provide us on an update status soon.

  Location for Sertoma  club luncheons was surveyed by Young as to fees, etc., and it was determined that we are presently in the best spot for saving our members  additional costs.  A big thanks to Young for all the research he did on this project. Young also told us that we would not be able to use the facilities on April 15 and August 19, 2011.

New Business:

  Veterans’ Plaza Opening, May 29, 2011, Allerheiligen indicated that the first phase had taken place and that Sertoma  manpower would be needed for the grand opening, probably 5 or 6 men on this date.  He realized that we would have a conflict with the Reality event taking place on the same day.

  Liaison Officer request was indicated by Norrgard to serve between the club and Sertoma National. This person would help keep the membership informed at club meetings as a trainer, etc.  This position needs to be filled in April.

  Installation Banquet is set for July 24, 2011, and Young indicated that he and his wife will probably be able to host.  Costs will be determined later.

Sertoma Projects: Bernicker indicated nothing was on the schedule this month. He is utilizing Volunteers of America to provide ideas where service might be needed.

  Membership Report: Benedict said he knew of two that might join; however, he also knew of two that would not be able to continue. The record shows that there are 78 members now.

  Social Report: Weinland passed out a colored sheet of the upcoming scheduled eventswhich included “42nd Street at the Carousel Dinner Theater in April; Rockies Game in Denver – April/May; Shakespeare Festival in Boulder – July.

  Public Relations: Smith has provided a news story on the Christmas Gift program which Sertoma supports with a private contributor that assisted over 250 families with $11,000. In gifts for children.

This should be in the applause/thumbs up  section of  the Coloradoan newspaper.  It was noted that  Sertoma National recognized our club’s anniversary for 42 years.

  Golf Tournament: Tarantino said plans were to have this years’ tournament on May 20th , at 7:30 a.m. start time, place Mariana Butte.  He would be getting a committee in place and promotion for this fund raiser would need to get started.  General  discussion was more women groups need to be drawn into this event.

M/S Manning/Thorsrud to adjourn at 7:04 p.m. Passed unanimously.

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