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Minutes (Approved) from May 10, 2011

Minutes by Jim Norrgard

Present: Ken Reiter, Ron Young, Bob Kopplin,Tim Miller, Josh Benedict, ReuelRolston, Mike Thorsrud, Steve Smith, Nathan Weinland, Jim Bernecker, John Knezovich, Jim Nutt, Mike Tarantino, and Jim Norrgard.

Reiter called the meeting to order at 5:42 p.m. at the RE/Max Alliance Conference Room, 4703 Boardwalk Drive, Fort Collins.

M/S Benedict/Miller to accept the minutes of April 12th board meeting.  Passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: A copy of the Statement of “Cash” Position was distributed to members showing the status of our various accounts.  It was noted that our operating account had taken a considerable drop, but that was due to the club paying for 3 months of the Rainbow catering service. The sponsorship account had just recently paid for Fossil Ridge/FCCC tools for grads – Brad Burns representing the club attended one of the graduations. M/S Nutt/Bernecker to accept the financial report. Passed unanimously.

Funding Requests:  A special request was submitted by a speech therapist from an elementary school seeking assistance for a hardship child, age 5, dealing with a number of special health issues. It was known that the Overland Sertoma club had provided $500.00 in assistance.  Since there were a number of questions raised as to why other sources had not been checked on by the child’s aunt it was determined to put this request on hold. M/S Nutt/Miller to table this until additional data could be collected. Passed unanimously.  Young indicated that he had received a thankyou note from Wellington for sponsorship  support.

Old Business:

North College Flags Update: Have not collected fees for this area. Bernecker has established a data base of 72 participants of which over half have paid at this time. He indicated that he had received notification from some to be removed from the list. Nutt indicated that he would check with RonLautzenheiser in reference to obtaining manpower assistance from one of the CSU fraternities to help with the flag days on north college.

Oktoberfest for 2011: Stoner is meeting with the downtown association to see if our help is needed, most of us thought it was now a dead issue.

Installation Banquet, July 24, 2011, is scheduled at Ron Young’s home. Appetizers at 4:00 and dinner at 5:30 p.m.

May 20th Annual Golf Tournament: Tarantino indicated that he had 20 registered and hope to have more sign up this coming Friday. He also wanted to enlist some manpower to cover certain holes on the course. The club members need to be informed there will be no noon luncheon  on this date.

Friday Luncheon Meeting Place: Thorsrud  had made contact with the new ownership  of the Carousel Dinner theater. He indicated what he could do for us, but his cost was still higher than now. For now we will continue to stay with the Aztian center.

Update on National liaison position: Norrgard indicated that he had talked to Ryan Kruse who had received information regarding this new position, but had not had time to sort it out do to his studies.

New Business:

President’s Report:

   Installation Banquet, July 24th

   Past Presidents’ Meeting to select a new President-elect – June 7th at Mulligans

Sertomans of the Year Meeting to select next Sertoman of the Year – date not set.

Sertoma Projects: Bernicker indicated our next building project would be in July to assist Crossroads with making bed bunks. The Volunteers of America have us in their data base a service club who is willing to help.

Realities for Children Motorcycle Ride and beer sales on May 27, 28 and 29: Knezovich indicated that Miller had obtained the necessary licensing and that we would be selling beer , pop, and bottled water.

Friday nite we would have 1 trailer at N. Linden street from 5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. a concert would be performing. Saturday there would be 2 trailers, one at N. Linden street, and the other at Walnut from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sunday we would have the same places and serve during the afternoon events.

At this time 36 of 54 spots had been committed  by our members. The signup sheet  will be passed around this Friday for more.  Knezovich also indicated that he has not heard who the CSU beer coordinator will be, but indicated that home schedule is spread out into December.

Membership report: Benedict indicated that he had Brian Batt as our newest member, would like to have an installation when they have five. Also thought our newest members would like to obtain “Polo” shirts. Would look for a local supplier to put the logo on.

Social Committee report: Weinland indicated that 16 attended the Carousel Dinner theater. Working with Simecka to have a Rocky baseball outing in June and Shakespeare Festival in Boulder in July.

Public Relations Report: Smith to pull some data from SertomaHQ  as to the history of the club to present to the newspaper.  Suggested he also talk to some of our charter members.

Time permitting: A discussion of the long-term “direction” of the club was opened by Reiter who indicated that there appeared to be more grey hair or baldness showing amongst our membership. We need to concentrate on bringing new “younger” men into the club and any suggestions would be helpful. It was mentioned that we need to make these new people feel welcome as it is hard for some tofeel  that they belong! More training should be given to as to what we are involved in and invite them to take part.

M/S Reiter/Miller to adjourn at 7:12 p.m.  Passed unanimously.

Public Relations Report: Smith indicated that the Coloradoan would be mentioning Sertoma in the applause section for their Christmas contribution to 207 youth in Fort Collins.

M/S Nutt/Weinland to adjourn at 6:35 p.m.  Passed unanimously.

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