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Mike Williams

Our speaker on Friday was Mike Williams, "global strategist", from New York City.  (Mike, by the way, said he would purchase 10 raffle tickets, so he won us over right away!)
Mike, a guest/colleague of John Clagett, gave us an overview of today's stock market, past and present.  His globe-spanning firm handled about 10 BILLION dollars this year, so he's a little qualified to talk about it.
Williams classified his firm as a "contrarian-value firm" in the market place . . . they buy when stocks are down and sell when they're high.  Quite a concept, eh?  Unfortunately, as he pointed out, people tend to do just the opposite, esp. in troubled times.  He told us, for example, that the "Best 10 minutes in investing" was the last ten minutes of BLACK MONDAY ~ Oct. 19, 1987.  Prices have never been that low again!
I have three pages of notes I took, 'cause he was so interesting, but no room to mention them.  Just two things Mike suggested:  1.  Buy "The Little Blue Book That Beats the Market", by Joel Greenblatt.  2.  Buy Growth and Technology today ~ people are beginning to use what's been invented for the last 20 years.  (bring him back again, John!)


Our next flag day will be January 15th, Martin Luther King Day

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Our new SOW, Judge Dan Kaup (L), receives the trophy from  Don Wedum

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March 15, 1969

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Czar Paul I banished soldiers to Siberia for marching out of step.

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John Pharris bragged that on Friday, next week, he'll be on his way to the Caribbean!

Perry McCormac bragged that he has joined Realty so he can be like his hero, E. Scott Billington!

Brad Burns had a buck for the brag box in telling us that he had a "good trip" to California, having just returned.

Carl Glaser had a brag for Ron Young's "remarkable fortitude, humility, and humor" at Ron's daughter's funeral.

A fine was paid by th' good judge Kaup for not having the SOW ready.  (Don't worry Dan, the record goes for months!)

John K. reminded us that this week's game with TCU starts at
5 P.M., so be there by 3:30.

Chris McDonald bragged that he has just returned from the Mexican Riviera, where he was held captive in Boy's Town for 16 hours by two blond Mexican bimbos.  No!  WAIT!  His brag was that he karaoke'd for the first time in his life and lived to tell the tale. 
(A little too much tequila, eh senor?)

Just a reminder . . . NO MEETING ON FRIDAY!!!

This year, one NFL team will earn a donation of Campbell's soup to the food bank of its choice. How much soup? We'll get the official stats for all the players on the winning team's official roster and donate one can for every pound the total team weighs! So far, the Green Bay Packers remain the undefeated Click for Cans champs will they stay on top, or will they get a run for their money this year? It's up to you!  Click and vote:



Tom Bryan

Tom Bryan, our most recent new member, says he's a "Coloradoan" now.  He recently bragged that he and his wife, Ginger, have been in town for over a year.  They moved from the Santa Cruz - Monterrey area with their two dogs, and love the town.  In his previous life, Tom was a carpenter for 40 years.


Can you imagine some guy going 90 mph on the interstate with these balloons trailing a few yards behind him?

Instructions for a fun time on the interstate.....................

Step 1. Tie balloons to car.
Step 2. Drive like a bat out of hell....
Step 3. Watch people freak out!!!!


2006 Colorado State Football Schedule
Sat., Sept. 2 - Weber State Won 30 - 6
Sat., Sept. 9 - Colorado (Mile High Stadium in Denver) Won 14 - 10
Sat., Sept. 16 - at Nevada Lost 28 - 10
Sat., Sept. 23 - Open Date
Sat., Sept. 30 - at Fresno State Won 35-23
Sat., Oct. 7 - UNLV* W 28-7
Thur., Oct. 12 - at Air Force* Lost 24-21
Sat., Oct. 21 - at Wyoming*  Lost 24 -0 ( !! )
Sat., Oct. 28 - New Mexico* Lost, 20-19
Sat., Nov. 4 - BYU* Lost 24-3
Sat., Nov. 11 - at Utah* Lost 35-22
Sat., Nov. 18 - Open Date
Sat., Nov. 25 - TCU*
Sat., Dec. 2 - at San Diego State*
*MWC games  HOME

We have four dates for the Mustang at the Mall.  They are:

Thursday, November 30
Friday, December 1
Saturday, December 2, and
Sunday, December 3

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A woman, standing nude, looks in the bedroom mirror and says to her husband, "I feel horrible, I look fat and ugly. Pay me a compliment."
The husband replies, "Your eyesight's damn near perfect."
He never heard the shot



Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were.
But without it we go nowhere.

~ Carl Sagan I


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