NEWS of little import . . . . .

Tuesday coffee is at McCoy's Morning Glory.  (This is a REAL restaurant, guys!  Click HERE to see their breakfast menu.)

Since I have closed my Fort Collins coffee shop, we are forced to find a new place to have coffee on Tuesday.  We're gonna' try 4 or 5 places Ron Young has found for us over the next few months.  If YOU have any ideas, tell Ron!

Following the tragic death of the Human Cannonball at the Kent Show, a
spokesman said "We'll struggle to get another man of the same calibre."

Our V.P. of the Treasury, Tim Miller, tells us that we are STILL $3,400 behind in dues!  This hurts everyone, guys, trickling all the way down to The Rainbow, who caters our meals.  Look and see if your bank or your boss or your wife has paid your dues . . . . if not, please pay soon!

BOARD MEETING is tomorrow (Tuesday) night!  5:30 at the Soukup and Bush Building on Timberline.

Nathan Weinland has scheduled Christmas Dinner at the Hilton again.  It wll be December 8th.  Cost is $30 each.  The menu is 3 choices:  Chicken, salmon, or flank steak.

John K. is looking for recruits for the next CSU game.  We're playing San Diego State at 4 p.m.  As usual, we need to arrive by 2, wearing khaki.

FACEBOOK US!  Josh Benedict has started a Facebook page for us!  Click HERE


Conway Gandy bragged last week (with a check!) that he has passed the
three-quarter century mark by two years.  WOW!  Happy Birthday!

Larry Glass bragged (last week) on th' princess' 24th year of being a cancer survivor, then went on to brag about his 36th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!

Brad Burns had a $5 brag because his 19 year-old granddaughter is running for
"Miss LA County".

Norm Rehme busted Ruell Rolston . . . . seems Ruell got his picture in the Loveland newspaper as an election judge, and didn't even mention Sertoma.  (I think a fine was levied and paid)  Ruell was speechless!  
Norm also read from his wife's most recent chicken soup book, and gave the book to Norm, apparently finding a Canadian connection there, eh?

Rob had a brag . . . . he won't be here next week.  "They" are making him go to Mayheeco.  The poor guy is going to Playa del Carmen.

Remember the past prez diamond pin?  The drawing is coming up in a few weeks apparently.  John Cowel just put his 5 bucks in and says that if he wins it he wants to do it again.

Don Shannon says the new shirts and caps are in!  He modeled a forest green
shirt and cap for us with brilliant gold lettering . . . . if YOU ordered one of these, see Don to pick it up.

This "mini-newsletter" has been brought to you by the letter "A".  If you like it, let me know. (The newsletter, not the letter!) I'm not very successful yet at getting pics to send, but I'm working on it.

Sertoma Christmas 2011 Banquet Menu

CSU Home Games

Date          Opponent          Location                 Time

11/12/11 vs. San Diego ST. Fort Collins, CO   4:00 p.m. MT

11/26/11  vs. Air Force        Fort Collins, CO    4:00 p.m. MT

12/03/11  vs. Wyoming**    Fort Collins, CO  12:00 p.m. MT





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