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These guys make me look good!

Sorry Kimberly couldn't make it, but Aliese did!

Dickens Carolers (thx to Rob!)

Ed good-naturedly helped out!

mom, daughter, dad


As you can see, we had a pretty nice turnout for our 2011 Sertoma Christmas dinner.  60 persons attended, and I think any of them will tell you that a good time was had by all!  As Nathan said today, it's everyone caring enough to turn out that makes this special!
As usual, I wish I'd taken more pictures (sorry for all those I missed), but I was too busy listening to the carolers serenading us. 
I think everyone was surprised (I know I was!) to find the food delicious!  Typically the food comes in second in this sort of gathering, but the Marriott outdid themselves this year.  (someone get the name of the chef!)

On a different note, the same motley crew has been meeting at McCoy's for a month now, and it's not bad.  I don't know if we're gonna' try anywhere else, but McCoy's certainly works for now!  Tuesday mornings, 7:30 'till 9-ish.  Just show up!



Invoices for Q4 came out today (attaboy, Dani!).  Uh, PAY IT!  (We need the money!)

BOARD MEETING is next (Tuesday) night, the 13th!  5:30 at the ReMax building on Boardwalk.

Bradford Albert Burns announced today (with a $20 brag!!) that he will be getting hitched again on December 31st!!!


I had a brag today for Paul McCoy.  It was one year ago today that I
last saw Paul, at the Sertoma Christmas Dinner 2010. 
Hardly a week goes by that he doesn't come to mind, and I just had
to brag that he was my friend.


The Real McCoy


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Ken Borrett had "two brags and four dollars".  I'm not sure if one was a 50 cent brag and one was $3.50, or what, but here they are: 1) THANK YOU NATHAN (and his wife and daughter!) for a GREAT Christmas dinner!, and 2) Ken wanted to congratulate everyone from the club that attended the dinner last night, and the "outpouring of love for Ed", and the wonderful pats on the back that everyone gave him (see picture above).  When Ed finally left, he had gathered over "23 pats on the back" from
his friends!

Pat Reed had a measly dollar brag for "his team" having beaten CSU.

Roger Sample, not one to let things go, said that after Pat's brag he had to come up and "tell the truth".  Roger told us that he "had the great pleasure" of going to that game . . . . Duke had 3 guys, 6-10, 6-10, and 6-11 across the front, which CSU countered with a 6-3" guard.  He said CSU did a great job (considering), but, of course, we DID lose, 87-64.

Our esteemed prez, Rob Allerheiligen, told us today that the CSU Board of Governors "had the wisdom" to award him him emeritus status! 
He also bragged on his younger son, Blake, 13.  Seems young Blake has been rated #42 in the top 50 hockey players in western North America (which includes Canada!).  This, keeping in mind that HE is only 13, while all the other players were 14 and 15! 
SO, that makes him the #1 13 year-old hockey player in western North America, eh???

Dan Kaup recently bragged (with a CHECK for $95) that he and Cheryl celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary!!

Lee Cord had a $5 brag for his THIRD GRANDDAUGHTER, Ada Linea Kelch (yeah, I just guessed at the spelling)

Ken Borrett had a brag for his older son, Jack, who he "got involved" in the church insurance business.  Ken told us that
Jack led the NATION in sales for the month of October, out of about 500 salesmen!

John K told us that we "had a successful football campaign in terms of beer sales" this year.  We kept pace with the Rams as they dropped their last nine.  After totaling everything up, we made $10, 540 buckaroonies!!!  (OK, so I borrowed from Steve Martin . . . . shoot me) in gratuities and commission.  John went on to tell us that it was "the best beer sales year we've ever had".  Did you catch that?  Let me repeat:  THE BEST BEER SALES YEAR WE'VE EVER HAD!!!  (sorry to yell, but WOW!!)  He thanked all of the Sertomans who participated and made this possible.  He also announced his retirement from the beer sales.

If you happen to see Brenda Ziporlin, Dick's wife, give her your sympathy.  Bob Kopplin told us that her mother recently passed.

Jim Manning recently announced that NOW is the time to fix our "flag bags, flags, and various brackets:".  If you know of something in need of repairs, let Jim know.  He also told us that the north College route is going to be changed to a "sunshine patriot only, summertime-pussycat route", so we can quit killing ourselves in the dead of January.  Here! Here!

Our V.P. of Sociallness, Nathan Weinland, announced today that he has reserved 31 seats for the upcoming Cirque du Soleil performance at the Budweiser Event Center on February 3.   $56.50 is the cost.  Nathan tells us that this is a new show, and he's gotten us pretty good seats (normally $74).  "Dralion" is a signature Cirque du Soleil production acclaimed by more than seven million people worldwide . . . . maybe this is the one to go see!  Talk to Nathan.  CLICK HERE for a YouTube preview.

Randy Beaver told us that all the names he had for his kids this year have been taken, so no kids will go without Christmas.  If you're late with your gift, you can drop it off at Bob's old store, Poudre Rexall Pharmacy, on E. Elizabeth (north of the hospital).  Kelly tells us that she would like to have all the gifts by the 15th.



I think little Timmy's finger was broken!

Naw, JOSH wasn't cold!??!

A vote was taken today, and it was decided that our SertomaChristmasGiftExchange will be on the 23rd as was (apparently) previously decided.  We do not know if Santa Glass will be in town on that day, so that may WILL influence the final outcome.  It WAS decided, however, that we will NOT have a meeting on December 30th, if for no other reason than to save that much money.  (Just think . . . . if YOU had been at the meeting, you could have cast YOUR vote!)

Christy French was in attendance last week.  She thanked us for our usual $2,500 donation, which enables Abby's Signature Concert Series to raise over $25,000 every year.  The money goes to benefit Pathways Hospice and Respite Care.  I think this is one of the best programs we contribute to, in "bang for the buck", and Christy is always very grateful. 

BOARD MEETING next Tuesday, the 13th!  Disregard the previous announcement that it will be held at Crossroads Safehouse; something about that did not work out logistically.  It will be at RE/MAX Alliance Conference Room, 4703 Boardwalk Drive, Fort Collins.

and remember, Two of the greatest qualities in life are:
    1. Patience
2. Wisdom



This "mini-newsletter" has been brought to you by the letter "B".  "B" a good Sertoman and send ME $100.  happy holidays!!


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