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"A good lie, well-told and stuck to,
is better than the truth!"  ~  "Little Timmy Tebow"



Christmas Gift Exchange

OK, here's the deal.  Would you want Santa Glass after YOU????  (Trust me . . . the short answer is NO!!  Well, he is busy formulating new rules, and you better listen up!.  It used to be that "there were no rules".  That's all changed. , apparently.


Santa Glass

FIRST, of course, NO GUESTS this Friday.  Period. 

SECOND, be aware, Santa Glass tells us, that you may be
opening your own gift!  (You probably should NOT bring
your wife's panties again!)

The idea this year is to "minimize the re-gifting, and consider buying some new gifts that we can re-gift next year, or at least infuse some new (or at least nicer) gifts into the mix.  Don't spend over $20 for a gift, but see if you can't come up with something at least somewhat in the spirit of the occasion.

I don't know what Santa's new rules will be, but there apparently will be rules.  Santa Glass is usually pretty innovative with his gift exchange ideas, and I'm sure this year will be fun.  There WILL be a cash bar (bring money if you wanna' drink!).
The idea, of course, is to have lunch AND a good time.  There is a lot of laughter and good-natured fun going on, esp. with 50 or 60 Sertomans.  (We usually just lock the door!)  Be sure to make it this Friday.  If you don't want to do a gift exchange, that's OK too.  Just come for lunch and watch the fun!

Lee Cord bragged on the Larimer Chorale.  Sat. night, 7:30, at First United Methodist, or 3 o'clock Sunday.  Stunning!  Of course, that may have been LAST weekend, so check it out before you go!  (ask Lee!)

Ken Borrett bragged that his grandson, Jeff, plays the baritone sax in a middle school in Windsor . . . . in their jazz band.  Jeff played a solo in a performance and just "whipped right through it", according to Ken.

Jim Bernecker, our V.P. Projects guy, reported that "we", as a club, contributed 683 hours "in the football side of things", and 1273 hours in community contributory hours in working at Crossroads Safehouse, Realities for Children, etc.  This makes for a grand total of 1,956 HOURS!!!!  WOW!!


The Prez, Ron Young, announced that one of our upcoming meetings will be designated as a business meeting.  The primary subject will be "what can we do to bring in more non-dues -type income?  This is an ongoing subject of discussion . . . . Ron (again) kindly pointed out how "you guys" are all gettin' older, and the cold stadium nights are not too kind to us. 
Ron DID mention a number of things we, as a Board, have come up with, ranging from a "Bike (perhaps poker) Run, with Bicycles.  Tom Bryan, Ronny Bush, and Lee Cooper will be looking into that.  Ron reported that something a lot of clubs across the country have made money with is a cookbook!  Ed Caffrey and Bill Green have been "volunteered" for that project to see if it is feasible.  The other thing, as Ron reported, was a need for a centerfold for "naked Sertomans", and that's a direct quote!  Manning suggested perhaps a "naked Beaver" might be appropro.  (I don't know and I'm not gonna' ask!)

"Demons run when a good man goes to war"

Timmy "The Enforcer" (see pic above) reports that we STILL have 6 or 7 members who have not paid their dues for the 4th Quarter.  Those people have been emailed (you know who you are!), and Tim asks that you pay up; that the payments would "really be appreciated".  (Isn't he just nice!??!) 

Abby's Christmas concert happened two days ago.  If you weren't there, you missed it!

Lee Cord introduced a speaker, Bryce (someone; sorry, I missed his last name), who spoke with great knowledge about "Homeward2020", which is a plan to end homelessness.  This guy was a fascinating speaker, and so knowledgeable that you really couldn't help but listen.  There was animated discussion after he spoke, with the entire room of guys!  As Fort Collins is more and more in the national eye, this is a problem that really should be addressed; Bryce told us of a 10 year program that has been successfully implemented in other cities, and is already two years in place in Fort Collins!  Click on the link, then read through the PDF . . . . this is something we might eventually be able to help with!



Remember there will be NO MEETING on the 30th!!  It was SO VOTED!

Correction:  In the last email, I spoke of how good the Christmas dinner was at the Marriott.  Well, the food WAS good, but it was even better because it was at THE HILTON!!! 
One of the quirks of this new way of sending the newsletter is that there can be no corrections once it's out as an email.  If you see something that's just WRONG, next time SPEAK UP, so I can get it right th' first time!!


This "mini-newsletter" has been brought to you by the letter "C".  "C" if you can't find a way to send me $200
happy holidays!!


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