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NEWS of little import . . . . .



You Should Know:

The Date for the Installation Banquet is Sunday, Aug 5, 2012
Ron Young's house, catered by
All Occasions Catering


Greg sez:

1. Remember: A golf event is coming up June 22nd, a Friday

2. There will be a 8 a.m. shot gun start at Mariana Butte

3. The cost is $100 - Payable to Sertoma Club of Fort Collins Sponsorship

4. The money is DUE by the 12th to either Tim Miller or Greg Anderson

5. email Greg Anderson at if you want to be included
There will not be a meal at the golf course, as the quote they gave us ($23!) was too high.  You can stay and have a sandwich if you like, but it will not be a scheduled meal, as before.

Dr. Allerheiligen told us he did NOT write these, but was happy to pass them on, for a little humor in Santa Glass' absence:

A Day without sunshine is like . . . . . night.!
97% of lawyers give the others a bad name!
He who laughs last thinks slowest! 
How much deeper would the ocean be without sponges?
Save the whales.  Collect the whole set.

When the chips are down, the buffalo is empty. 

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

How many of you believe in telekinesis?  Raise my hands . . . . .

I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Death to all fanatics!


Ken Borrett had "71 big ones" for the foundation!

Carl Glaser, a while back, bragged on Reuel Ralston and his wonderful programs!  Hear! Hear!

Ed Caffrey, pointed out that he had just turned 82, and with a little "math trickery", he was donating 8 + 2, or $10 to the Foundation.  A good laugh was had, as well as a round of applause!


NO MEETING ON AUGUST 3rd (Our Installation weekend) or August 24TH (The Aztlan center is being cleaned, Ron tells us)!

Timmy told us that Paul Reed called him just before lunch and said that he'd just been so busy with his landscaping and tree business that he'd missed the last three weeks.  He tells us he IS alive and well, however, and WILL return!

Dr. Rob bragged on his oldest grandson, the one who plays hockey in MN, will be graduating.  His younger brother was ranked #4 in the western US in hockey ranking!  The oldest one is the grandson who had his arm skated over, severing tendons.  Rob now tells us he should be cleared to play next month!

I had a brag for one of the neatest couples I've ever had the
pleasure to  know, Charles and Juanita Dickson, my In-Laws.
 They were married in 1941.  Since then, they have done
 everything together, beginning with graduating from the seminary, then going back to Brazil, serving as Baptist Foreign missionaries there
for 33 years!
 At 97 and 94, last week, Charles and Juanita died together.  She died this past Saturday, as she was in her easy chair in the living room, as quickly as if a switch had turned off.  The following day, Charles had a stroke, and died a day later.
 Needless to say, I will miss them.  But I've no doubt that
 they are still together, as much in love as ever.



Dr. Reiter told us about the Shakespeare Festival, once again happening in Boulder.
On Sunday, July 22, he tells us that we have the first four rows in the Mary Rippon theater on the UC Boulder campus, reserved for US!  This year the play being put on is The Twelfth Night
(click to see a 3-minute video of rehearsal).
The plan is to meet early evening (4:30 - 5:30), then there is a meeting with the director, then the play begins at 6:30 and runs 'till about 8.


John K gave us the results of last weekend's Realities Ride:  After all was said and done, we ended up netting "About $13,000 for charity!  As John put it, "In two days we accomplished more than we accomplish in a season of football"
AND, it was FUN!!!, selling roughly 4,500 beers!  John said "Thanks" to everyone who showed up to get the job done!

We had over $2,900 in TIPS alone!

Dr. Rob said there was a good turnout at The Veterans Plaza, which he helped man on Sunday.  He told us there was a Nighthawk helicopter there, strafing innocent bystanders, as well as Staff Sgt. John Jones, a double amputee from Afghanistan, speak.  Turnout, Rob said, was better than last year, probably.  (Did you really read that!??!)

Frank Johnson had kind of a brag on John Knezovich, for being quoted in the Doloradoan.  Seems John, when speaking of an area politician, referred to said politician as being "to the right of Atilla the Hun"! 
Doesn't John just have a way with words!??!





Our new "flag totes", designed and built by
Jim Manning!  (dontcha' just want to put up some flags now!??!)

Aw, Crap

Dave Blomberg bragged on his oldest granddaughter, was recently recognized as being one of just a few honor students at Blevins Jr. High.  She had to have a 4.0 average through 8th grade and a 3.6 gpa for the rest.  WOW! 

Pat Reid bragged on the oldest of 5 grandchildren.  He was named the MVP of his baseball team, and was named a "Champion Citizen" of the school, also excelling in basketball!

Ronny Bush had an "age-adjusted brag" for Tom Bryan, saying that at age 72, Tom would be doin' some serious ass-kicking.  (that was my paraphrasing)  Apparently Tom is da' MAN when it comes to biking! 

Norm had a brag a few weeks ago . . . his son invented a "device" to help you sit up when there is no other support available.  It looks kind of like a sling for your back, wrapping all the way around your leg.  This would be great to have if camping, or at a game, or wherever you could use some back support.  Ask Norm!

On Friday, May 11, Gary Ross won the drawing!

Carl had a brag for our newest cop in town.  Seems Carl has been asking every new administration to try to
do something about the marijuana grower next door to him.  This year, Carl reports, IT HAPPENED!  EIGHT S.W.A.T. members showed up IN THEIR TRUCKS, threw a flash-bang in the front yard, and BROKE DOWN the door of the house.  Of course, Carl related, no one was home.  SWAT did, however, confiscate over 300 plants.  Timmy noted that Carl "must have been relieved" when they all went next door!  Party at 10.


Larry Abrahamson, a man of his word, paid the $42 bucks he didn't have the previous week for a brag.  What a guy!

Didja' hear about the dues increase?  Just a reminder that you can save a little money if you would like to pay your dues ahead of time.  By paying the last two quarters of dues before July 1st, you can avoid the $10 quarterly dues increase, for the rest of the year.

Nathan bragged that he and his "beautiful bride", Clories, celebrated their 20th anniversary (I sure hope I got the spelling correct).  At the same time he told us that she was back from the hospital in Denver and is doing "Extremely Well!"  That's certainly good news!!

Ken Reiter had a brag for his "4oth year of paying property taxes."  He reminded us all that, if you are (1) over 65 AND (2) Have lived in your home for over 10 years, you need only apply to receive HALF OFF the first $200K value of your home!  You have until July 1st to get this form into the state.  Click the link for the full scoop:

Colonel Manning had a brag for his Florida daughter, a senior projects manager building condo hi-rises in the Miami Beach area ~ Of course, the recession came, Jim told us, and the "state bird of Florida, the building crane, went away."  So, she went to law school, took her last test, and, by now, has graduated!  WOW!

Gary Ross says his motor home is tuned up and ready to go . . . he and Jan are going to 4 graduations, two in TX, and two in NE.  These are college and high school graduates.  He then kinda' bragged on his smart son-in-law, 'cause HIS kids graduated with NO student loans!  no small feat, these days!

Norm had a "short" poem from his wife, apparently replicated in her latest book.  It was entitled "A real fixer-upper" and was vaguely appreciative of Norm.

Bill Brown had an "Ole" story . . . poor Ole died, and had his choice of heaven or hell.  Ole chose hell.  If you were at the meeting, you know why.  If not, you NEED TO COME!

Ron Young had a brag for Madison, his 14-year old granddaughter, if I heard correctly.  Seems Madison has a 4.0 gpa, is "pretty as a picture", and, in her last 33 at-bats, she has had no strike outs, one walk, two home runs, 15 doubles, 7 triples and 7 singles, and she's leading in rbi's, and had a batting avg. of 818!!  Hokey Smoke!

We recently donated $1,500 to Project Smile, and they gave us a nice Thank You note.


Steve Harrison stopped by a while back to "humbly thank us" for our yearly donation to his program.  Steve had 23 students who were taught carpentry skills enough so that they are able to get a job in that field. 
We donate between $2,000 and $2,500 every year to provide each student with basic tools so they can walk onto a job site and start working. 
He reminded us that we have been doing this for 7 years now, and told us how much this means to his class, as they are literally able to begin making their way in the world with our help.
As a token of his appreciation, Steve had the saw pictured engraved with a nice "Thank You" for us!


If you missed Dave Williams' talk on Abe Lincoln a while back, you should be sorry!  It was fascinating!!



These are the steps are at the Matthews House, a safe-house and educational facility for wayward kids.  The bricks were removed, repaired, then cleaned up for reuse, then set brick on the steps the way it should have been done in the first place.  Each brick had to be cut because of spacing, then black epoxy mortar was used to cement them.  They "squirted" the mortar out with the contractor version of what a cake decorator would use, and it worked very well!
Carl Glaser, Pat Reid., and Will Holz started the project, then Cliff Bergren, Jim Bernecker, and Jim Manning finished it.  As you can see, the brickwork turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!
 It WAS a lot of work, however, netting us 69 total man-hours!


SOW (Sertoman of the Week)


Sow does not know he was selected, though he was present.  As it turned out, Bill simply paid attention on different projects when working with the SOW, and REMEMBERED!


A high percentage of the following statements are true: 


Born East of the Mississippi, North of the Mason Dixon Line in a state Steven Colbert says has produced more astronauts than any other state.    What State?  OH 

Grew up in Colorado.  Though his high school now has a different name than when he attended, it is now named after a civil war general.  What General?  Wm Palmer 

He sees the world from a higher altitude than most of us.  Why?  Lives in Foothills 

Was a football player and baseball player in HS but also a member of a dance group.  What position in baseball?  Third Baseman

Attended a University in Colorado where he met his wife, and became a scientist.  What University?  CSU 

His degree led him to a job in his field, literally.  What field?  Geology  (WY also correct) 

He spent some time at Fort Clatsop, but was not in the service at the time.  Where is Fort Clatsop?  OR He retraced the route of Lewis and Clark to the Pacific 

Worked in the hospitality business in a mountain town.  What town?  Family owned motel in Idaho Springs 

Carried a gun as part of his job once.  What score did he get in the marksman test?  There was no test.  Got the job when the previous deputy shot out some windows in town in a routine traffic stop. 

Has 3 children two of whom live in other states.  Name the other states.  NE,  TX 

Worked with his father who helped construct a significant military complex.  What complex?  Air Force Academy 

When traveling outside the state he sometimes goes by an alias.  What name?  Tulip. 

Preceded another Sertoman in his last real job.  What Sertoman?  Chris McDonald

Well, did you figure it out?  See below for our new SOW!

Beachy Head Chalk Cliff, located on the south coast of England

This "mini-newsletter" has been brought to you by the letter "I", the 9th letter of the alphabet. 
In math, it is also called the imaginary number,  .  Just think . . . without i's, we would have nothing to dot!  And, I could not otherwise be speechless!




Sertoman Accomplishments Birth/Death
Ed Hull      
Stan Shalla    
David James    
Don Sendgraf    
Dick Manges Past President  
Bill Banks Past President/ Past Governor  
Marvin (Marv) Fries  Charter Member  
Harv Nesbitt    
Jim Nichols Charter Member, Past President, SOY 10/5/29 ~
Gen. Bill Mauer    
Jim Hoeven Charter Member  
Pete Montagriff   9/15/34 - 4/15/ 2005
Jim Waltz   11/2/36 ~ 8/23/2005
Ron Kresl   3/29/32 / ~ 12/18/05
Bob Leinart   4/30/41 ~ 2/16/06
Larry Chaussee   11/4/58 ~ 12/19/06
John McLean   8/23/39 ~ 2/10/08
Chuck Blazek   5/17/39 - 5/22/2007
Denny Farnsworth Past Pres. & SOY 6/23/41 ~ 6/10/09
Russell Butler   1/9/46 ~ 12/11/09
Paul McCoy   5/14/31 ~ 12/11/10
Jerry Bender   2/21/1948 ~ 3/1/2011
Dick Ziporlin   2/8/1931~ 6/4, 2011
Bob Reed Operation Santa Claus 9/5/1932 ~ 10/5/2011
John Drescher Charter Member / Sgt. at Arms/ Ski Trip 8/29/31 ~ 2/12/2012
David Lee Thomas   8/6, 1930 - 1/16, 2013

Well, you've GOTTA' know this is the WRONG PICTURE!  So, who is it?
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Our previous SOW, Bill Green (L), hands the trophy to our newest SOW, Gary (aka "Tulip") Ross

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