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NEWS of little import . . . . .

I found this floating online and couldn't resist sharing it.
Wouldn't it be great if we can take down the barriers of intolerance and accept each other for who we are!??!
As the saying by Ram Dass goes, "We're all just walking each other home."



Things You Should Know:



Never stand in line again.

When former U.S. military commander in Afghanistan Stanley McChrystal
was called into the Oval Office by Barack Obama, he knew things
weren't going to go well when the President accused him of not
supporting Obama in his political role as President.

"It’s not my job to support you as a politician, Mr. President, it’s
my job to support you as Commander-in-Chief," McChrystal replied.

Not satisfied with accepting McChrystal's resignation the President
made a cheap parting shot. "I bet when I die you'll be happy to piss
on my grave."

The General saluted. "Mr. President, I always told myself after
leaving the Army I'd never stand in line again."


Jim Manning had a $5 brag for Curtis, our newest "visiting" Sertoman, as well as for others who served in the biggest war our country has seen, our congratulations and our thanks!
Speaking of Curtis, you may have noticed him. . . . . He has come twice, both times with his daughter.  He is a former Life Member Sertoman from Colorado Springs, recently moved to Fort Collins.  His daughter communicated with us about his coming to our meetings, and of course we said, "Come On!".  He's a little hard or hearing, and I suspect his vision is somewhat limited, so shout "HELLO!" at him next time you see him!

Crossroads Safehouse new Executive Director, John C. McGee, recently came to our meeting and thanked us not only for our work with CS, but for the help we gave him in helping to find housing.  We hope to have him as a new member, I'm told!

Greg Anderson had a $10 brag for Bob Reed, saying what an "Awesome Sertoman we had in Bob".  Ain't it th' truth!!

Prez - to- Be, Josh Benedict, recently read (aloud) a letter to Ken Borrett from Ovations that began: 
Dear Ken Borrett:  Everyone had quite the laugh from the letter . . . If you were at the meeting, you know why!  I'm still chuckling!!  Rebuttal IS accepted, Ken!

MIKE GILMORE was officially welcomed into the club, complete with certificate!



The FANCY DOG HOUSE has been completed at Crossroads Safehouse.  Wall-to-Wall carpeting, indirect lighting, built-in appliances, sauna, whirlpool, atrium complete with 12-foot Christmas tree, ALL has been completed.  Some DAMN LUCKY DOG is gonna' have a nice place to stay!  Thanks to Jim B (of course!), Jim Manning, Mike Gilmore, Al (friend of Cliff's, Jim Nutt, Scott Arledge, Nathan, and others I'm sure I don't know about!!

thanks to Nathan for the pics!

Frank Johnson bragged on Ronny Bush for "a wonderful Christmas party on Wednesday!"  A hearty round of applause said that everyone agreed with Frank. (see pics below)

For those of you who may not have heard, Tom Bryan has Stage 3 inoperable pancreatic cancer.  Tim Miller related his visit with Tom Bryan today, just before the meeting ~ Timmy told us that because Tom is in such good shape, the docs are doubling up on his chemo infusion to try to be as aggressive as possible. 
Tom has a site with "Caring Bridge", a web communications site where you can get updates and leave him a message . . . a really good idea for someone with a lot of friends, obviously, as I cannot even imagine how wiped out a patient would be after having a round of chemo!  Looking at the GOOD side of this, he can probably get medical mary jane now!!
Visit Tommy "Bubba Rays" CaringBridge Site:
Site link: 
Site name: bubbatommyraybryan 
I had to login using
Tommy "Bubba Ray" Bryan ~ try one or the other.

The Fort Collins Baseball Club also provided us with a plaque thanking us for our help (which was LOST, apparently, before the meeting was over! 
Our esteemed Prez, Pat Reid, also auctioned off a couple of jerseys and 5 hats today given to us by the FCBC ~   I estimate that we raised close to a hundred bucks through this auction, with Bradford Burns starting things off with the first $20 purchase, which he donated to Jim Nutt!

Proud Recipient, Jim Nutt!

Lee Cord told us about the Larimer Chorale Christmas Concert this year:
Saturday, December 15th at 7:30 First United Methodist Church
Sunday, December 16th at 3 P.M.

Tickets are $20, almost sold out on Saturday, Lee tells us!

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As you know, America is the first country to send aid when other countries are in trouble.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is highly appropriate that we now send THANKS to all of the countries that reciprocated for our help with their disasters, misgivings, social turmoil, & poverty by sending to the United States of America monetary and physical help when Sandy ravaged our East Coast leaving dead, homelessness, and pure disaster.
Listed below are all the Countries and World Organizations that are giving us gracious assistance. Please assist in thanking these entities by passing on this email so people all over America can join in and THANK our neighbors, to whom we have invested BILLIONS!!!!



UPCOMING PROGRAMS - from Lee Cord, V.P. Programs

Nov 16  Energy Conversion Lab - This was GREAT today!  Are we every lucky to live in Ft. Collins,
with this fascinating stuff going on!  If you missed this informative program, you should shed a tear!

Dec 7  …Field Trip to Discovery Museum, if the staff can take it - moved to 2013, Lee says

Dec 14…Dr Nancy Wright, Supt of Poudre Schools - pretty sure this will happen

Dec 21…Christmas Exchange, with SANTA GLASS - SEE BELOW FOR INFO!

Dec 28 ~ Jim Manning will be showing slides from his recent trip to China ~ He hopes to edit it down from the 2,652 he has now!

Jan  4  ???

Jan 11..Diane Jones, #2 in City Managers office

These programs are NOT carved in stone . . . some poor sap told me  (just kidding Frank!) that he had gone to the Discovery Museum on Friday, only to find that NOT ONLY was our program NOT there, but that a TRAIN was waiting for him on his way to the Aztlan Center, holding him up for ANOTHER 15 minutes! 

I will work REAL HARD to get the word out for special programs that we would all like to attend.  If you have any doubts or questions, just email (or call) our esteemed Program V.P., Lee Cord ~ 215-9658 or


Timmy Miller remarked today for those of us who may have been doing the Christmas Gifting program for kids in
Fort Collins and haven't yet figured it out, the TRICK is to put the FAMILY NAME and the KID's NAME on the OUTSIDE of the bag containing your gifts.  Gift wrap the gifts!  You really cannot have too much information to help Kelly in figuring this out!  One judge (who will go unnamed), DON, along with his (also unnamed) friend, LEE, was smart enough to put a gift receipt exchange in an envelope on the outside, in case the fit or color was wrong.  This is a great program that will benefit 140 kids in Fort Collins who would otherwise not have much of a Christmas, so take your job to heart, and do it well.  please.

The absolute gotta' have it by, DROP DEAD date for these gifts is next Thursday, December 13th.  You can either take them directly to Kelly at 1208 Robertson, NOT another address previously announced.  OR to Tim Miller at 6001 Southridge Greens Blvd. 
Call Tim first at 227-0001

Bob Reed's granddaughter, Kelly, came to see us in November.  Pat Reid presented her with a check for $2,000 to help defray expenses associated with her gift giving for kids in Ft. Collins.



Our annual Christmas Gift Exchange is coming up on December 21st!  This is a CLOSED meeting, so don't bring anyone with you.  DO, however, bring a gift to be exchanged.  Typically, don't spend more than $15 on something ~ gifts run from "gag" to serious, with many guys (OK, some guys) really being serious about it.  I received a nice leatherman-like
tool one year that I STILL use (thanks, Frank!) 
Whoopee cushions to bottles of booze, negligees to cellular phones turn up, and it's always fun, because our own SANTA GLASS runs a tight ship!  (Uh, has anyone asked Larry if HE knows this is about to happen??
So, Be there or B Square!


BOARD MEETING this Tuesday, December 11th at 5:30 at the Board of Realtors office 110 W. Harvard. 
Anyone is welcome to come, especially the Board members! 


Our Host, Ronny Bush
Our 2012 Sertoma Holiday Christmas





thanks to Pat Reid for the pics!




Cleverly Disguised as a "Helpful Hardware Man", our own Jim Norrgard helped the Ace Hardware team  
win the Brainiac Bowl this year!

A day without sunshine is like night.

Our substitute bedpan . . . . rumor has it that the original has been purloined by th' sheriff!??!

OK, so what's the speed of dark?

Tom Kula Update


As of January 1st this year Tom went to work for a company called FCC Services which various contract services primarily to agricultural lenders within the Farm Credit System throughout the US. 
He and a team of 3 other guys work with Farm Credit senior management teams and their boards of directors to test their company's controls and processes to insure their lenders follow sound business lending standards.  About 2/3's of his work is done onsite which involves traveling, and the balance is done online from his home in Fort Collins.  
The clients hw works with are located anywhere from the west coast to the east coast and from Greeley to Puerto Rico.  He says it's actually a pretty good gig, as he basically goes in and stirs things up, then leaves for 6 to 12 months to check to see if progress is being made. 
He say "management loves them and the lenders fear them!" 

Oh and yes, a side benefit is the he has premier status with United Airlines and Hilton Hotels!!!!   He gets to use the shortline at the airports, board first, and occasionally get bumped up to a better class, no longer having to set with the riff-raff in the back of the plane!   
He's threatened to come back to visit one Friday, so HIDE THE PETS!!

Have ya' got a spare 2 minutes??  Watch this:  CLICK HERE   . . . . you won't be sorry!


On January 4th, Larry is having a retirement party at The Rio from 5 - 7, and
(If you have not been to the Agave Room, you're in for a treat!  It's upstairs, over the Rio, and a great place to

Lame Duck

THANK YOU to everyone who responded with a recommendation for a dentist!  I received about 10 emails, with
several excellent dentists named.  One name that came up consistently, however, from 4 different Sertomans,
PLUS from two others we know outside Sertoma, was Dr. Michael McDill, with
Alpine Dental Health.  He has
partnered with Dr. Todd Rosenzweig, a periodontist, and is located across from CSU, on College.  Between them, they can do everything from root canals to dental implants!  We have met with Dr. McDill already ~ I will keep you informed
as we have work done. 
Finding a good dentist has always been hard, and I am really thankful for those who took the time to respond to my email!  I would think that we all could be in need of knowing who to go some day, whether it's just (JUST??) a doctor (Lopez IS 64 years old!), or a specialist in some field you have a need for. 
If anyone has a professional they would recommend, let me know!  I will correlate the results and make them available to all ~ This would be at least some place to start looking, rather than the yellow pages, don't you think? 
email me at:



What happens if you get scared half to death, twice? 

Remember, our Tuesday morning coffee group is currently meeting at Whole Foods, still at 7:30 a.m. ! 


SOW (Sertoman of the Week)

Over 50 years old

Born in a red elction State (Dallas, TX)

Bridge is a favorite pasttime

"Bend, but not break" is unlike his name

IT could be called "Wiley Coyote" (spanish name Lobo,
which he was at the U. of New Mexico

Our previous SOW, Gary Ross (L), hands the trophy to our newest SOW, Don Simecka


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V. P. Programs - Lee Cord
V. P. Projects - Gary Ross
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Sertoma Intn'l. Liaison - Dave Blomberg


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